What we do?

Morning Meditation

Join us at the Ashram for morning Meditation every Monday morning at 7.30am via Zoom. Please let us know if you wish to join us, you would be more than welcome. Contact Jane on 086-3043453

Retreat Days

We invite you to experience a silent ashram day retreat; a chance for you to take some time out for yourself and to deepen your spiritual practice.

What is involved? An ashram retreat day is a day to nourish the body, calm the mind and get in touch with your true self, growing in awareness of the Divine within. The day comprises of spiritual practices from the Yogic path, a combination of gentle Hatha Yoga and various types of meditation and reflection, under guidance. Everyone is welcome and no experience necessary. The yogic path offers us practical ways of growing in spiritual awareness in a chaotic world, to open oneself to union with God (the Christ within), with people and with the natural world. A day retreat at Anam Ashram aims to help participants in the practice of the asanas (Hatha Yoga), contemplation in action (karma yoga), bhakti yoga (union through devotion) and jnana yoga (union through knowledge e.g. wisdom teachings from the mystics or scriptures).


This gentle Hatha Yoga class is meditative in style, nourishing mind, body and spirit so that the practitioner can come to know their true selves. Suitable for beginners as well as experienced students, this class includes pranayama (breath work), a focus on the energy centres of the body (chakra system) and finished with a 15 minute relaxation (Savasana). For anyone interested in going deeper into the yogic system to cultivate a holistic spirituality…. join us on the mat.

Spiritual Companionship

A spiritual companion offers a commitment to journeying with others in the experience of their daily lives and through their Spiritual life, in which ever way it manifests itself. In Anam Ashram the dignity and equality of all people of every creed is recognised and the service of companioning is made available to all. In this safe environment a person can explore their Spiritual life in a non judgemental and respectful space. Contact John on 0860523603 for further details.