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What is an Ashram?

The word ‘Ashram’ is a term used in India to describe a place where people come together to engage in Spiritual practice e.g. Yoga and meditation. In an Ashram practitioners create a community, living a certain way of life. An Ashram is a place a person can discover God (of their understanding) within and be nourished by that experience. It is different to a retreat centre in that a person can stay for a day, weekend or weeks, while continuing to work, to benefit from the spiritual practices, contribute to the community and partake in a different way of life. At Anam Ashram, any person of any creed, nationality, colour or race can join the community and the Spiritual practices on offer. We practice Meditation, Prayer, Yoga, Karma Yoga, and other Awareness practices, so everyone can benefit in body, heart, mind and spirit.